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The IPL governing council has unanimously appointed Chirayu Amin, an industrialist and head of the Baroda Cricket Association, as the interim chairman of the league, following the suspension of Lalit Modi late on Sunday night. May be he is not very well known face in media and between cricket fans in the country, but his potential and experience apprised that he is a talented administrator. Yes- here we are talking about newly appointed IPL commissioner Chirayu Amin.

Chirayu Amin, 62, is president of Baroda Cricket Association, and member of the T-20 governing council. He is accredited person in the pharmaceuticals gamut and leading the name of Alembic Pharmaceuticals. His name appeared during the success of Ranji trophy where the Baroda has registered remarkable performance. His administration skills will certainly help him out to organize the IPL-4.

The decision to appoint Amin was taken at the crucial meeting of the IPL governing council, which lasted close to one and a half hour. Addressing a press conference after the meeting, Manohar said Modi would be charged on five counts -- shady initial bids of Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab, a suspect broadcast deal with Sony, bid rigging of two new franchises this year and his behavioural pattern.

"The chargesheet was discussed and the committee also appointed Chirayu Amin as the interim chairman. BCCI CAO Ratnakar Shetty will look into all the records," Manohar said. Manohar also said that some important documents were missing from the Board and IPL offices.

"Many documents are missing from the IPL and BCCI offices. Income Tax department has been asking for them but we don't have them. Like the papers of the broadcast deal with Sony are not with us. IT department is asking for these documents but we can't give them because they are not with us," Manohar said. Manohar said the next IPL's planning would be taken care of by former India captains and governing council members Sunil Gavaskar, Ravi Shastri and MAK Pataudi.

"With regards to the 2011 IPL, Ravi Shastri, Sunil Gavaskar and MAK Pataudi will decide the modalities of holding three foreign and four Indian players after discussing with the franchises," he said. For all the allegations against Modi, Manohar said if he manages to convince the board of his innocence in his reply, the inquiry proceedings against him would be dropped.

"It is the duty of the Board to look into the allegations and to have an inquiry it is important to suspend the person concerned. It's not punishment. The person has to be kept out of the Board's functioning to ensure a free and fair inquiry.


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